Your cooperative is always on the lookout for ways to help you gain more control over your energy costs.

Easy Fixes

Ensure efficient hot water use at home with an Energy Saving Water Kit. Available to members only, this kit contains five simple tools that will help save hot water. Order your kit and start saving today. Offer valid only for members using electric water heaters.

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For a limited time, get these energy saving items in one easy-to-use kit for just $5. Offer valid only for members using electric water heaters. Available while supplies last.

The Earthâ„¢ Massage Showerhead (1.5 GPM): This innovative showerhead saves 40 percent more water and energy than a standard showerhead without sacrificing performance, and actually enhances water pressure.
Kitchen Swivel Aerator (1.5 GPM): This aerator saves 30 percent more energy and water than a standard aerator. It attaches to your current faucet and allows a wide-spray radius and swivel. The unique "pause" action halts flow, yet keeps a consistent temperature.
Two Bathroom Faucet Aerators (1.0 GPM): The two bathroom faucet aerators maintain great water pressure while saving 55 percent more water and energy than standard aerators. A high-pressure needle spray makes cleaning a breeze.
Hot Water Temperature Card: This credit card-sized device measures the temperature of hot tap water to see if your current water temperature is in an efficient range. Lowering your water temperature just 10 degrees can save you three to five percent in energy costs.
Plumber's Tape: The tape creates a tight seal between connections when installing showerheads and aerators. It helps prevent damage and wasteful leaking.