We’re taking a bold step—
doing something no energyprovider has ever done.

Wind iconWe’re offering you an opportunity to power your electric vehicle with 100% wind energy, for the lifetime of that vehicle, at no extra cost. You’ll still have to pay for the energy you use, but you’ll be able to do so knowing that when you go electric, you’ll always be going green.

STEP 1: Buy or lease an EV.
If you already have one, skip to step 2.Step1line

STEP 2: Download this form.
It's only one page.

STEP 3: Submit the completed form.
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What if I’m not ready to get an electric vehicle?:
That’s OK. The REVOLT program will be here when you are read to add an EV like me to your garage.



How much is the promotion worth?

An average EV like me requires about 4,000 kilowatt-hours a year to get around. So to be certain we’re covering your energy needs, we’ll be dedicating 5,000 kilowatt-hours a year for the lifetime or lease of your vehicle. If you own your vehicle, that could be up to 50,000 kWh upgraded to wind energy for free. Great, right?