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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Combining heating and cooling into one convenient, versatile unit, Ground-Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) are the ultimate in home temperature control. Their life-cycle cost can’t be beat. Operating with 300–400% energy efficiency, they have a higher return on investment than any other market technology.

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Tap into a clean, unlimited resource

GSHPs provide savings from the ground up. Thanks to energy provided by the sun, there’s enough stored heat underground to heat an entire household—even during the harshest Minnesota winters.

These pumps use this “free energy” by directing the heat indoors where it’s compressed into a higher temperature before being distributed throughout the home. The process is reversed to provide home cooling. Indoor heat is transferred underground and dispersed into the cool earth.

Supreme efficiency meets low maintenance

The advanced technology of GSHPs allows them to transfer heat to and from the earth, using only small amounts of electricity to operate the unit’s fan, pump and compressor. And they do it with highly durable, non-toxic polyethylene piping, which lasts for generations.

All mechanical parts are housed indoors, away from weather, contamination and other potential sources of damage. The typical maintenance requirements are just periodic checks and filter changes.

HIGHLY VersatilE

Not only do they heat and cool, GSHPs are also capable of providing the same incredible efficiency when paired with an optional hot water assist. And to accommodate a variety of differently sized and shaped yards, the unit’s underground piping can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

If a lack of sufficient indoor space is an issue, a pump may be installed completely outdoors in some cases. These models are sealed within rugged housing to protect the components from the elements.


GSHPs require no open flame, flammable fuel or potentially hazardous fuel storage tanks. And in the very unlikely event of a leak, the system’s non-toxic solution will not pose a threat to your family, property or the environment in any way.

They emit zero greenhouse gases while using the earth as a clean, unlimited resource. Noise pollution is also a non-issue. GSHPs create no buzzing, humming or other noises often associated with conventional air conditioners. You may forget it’s even there.

How it works:


How it cools

When you need to cool your home, Ground-Source Heat Pumps take the heat from your home and disperse it underground.

How it heats

Even during the harshest of Minnesota winters, the earth has enough stored heat to warm your home. Ground-Source Heat Pumps transfer that heat and move it indoors.

They can also be used to heat water in conjunction with your water heater by using the heat that's transferred from your house.