Transfer energy savings into your home.

Take advantage of rebates up to $750 when you install a qualifying, energy-saving ductless air source heat pump!

Ductless air source heat pumps provide home cooling and supplemental heating, using 72% less electricity than conventional air conditioners and furnaces.

Ductless/Mini Split Air Source Heat Pump Regular Rebate Promo Rebate
Delivered fuels $300 $450*
Electric heat $500 $750*
*Minimum HSPF > 9.0

For more information about air source heat pumps and other ways to take your energy efficiency to the next level, visit our Home Heating and Cooling page.

Information on rebates for air source heat pumps can be found here

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Limited funds are available and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Rebate amounts and programs are subject to change without notice.