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From the Twin Cities to Tettegouche State Park. From St. Cloud to North Dakota. To Brainerd and back. It’s possible to go farther than ever before in an electric vehicle (EV), with fast charging stations now located along both the I-94 and I-35 corridors, and Highway 61.


Hit the road
with confidence

Feel good about getting where you want to go, as efficiently as possible. Electric vehicles come in all different sizes, all of which fit your lifestyle and provide a variety of benefits along the way.

Convenient charging

While at home, you can charge using the regular outlet in your garage and your car’s 120V Level 1 charging cord set. While on the road, there are many public charging stations—with more added frequently.

Fun to drive

Enjoy quick acceleration and quiet comfort.

Cleaner driving

Electric motors are 80-95% efficient, using significantly less energy than traditional drive train vehicles.


Charging at a DC fast charger is typically less than $5. Overall costs are much lower than driving gas or diesel-powered vehicles, especially when you take advantage of EV time-of-use rates.

Fast charging

Get a full charge in 20-30 minutes with DC fast chargers.


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