The difference about our cooperatives (co-ops) is that they are independent electric providers that are member-owned and operated, which means you have a real say in how they serve your community, neighbors and family.


    What are cooperatives?

    Electric cooperatives are independent electricity providers that are owned by the members they serve (you). They were formed in the mid-1930s to bring electric power to parts of America where larger, for-profit utilities were reluctant to operate. Because electric co-ops are owned by the members they serve, they are inherently transparent, accountable, service-driven, and do more for their communities than provide electricity. In short, co-ops are designed to put the community’s best interests over the bottom line. Learn how to get involved by finding your local cooperative!




    Co-op perks and advantages

    • Reliable electricity at the lowest possible cost
    • Money given back to members when revenues exceed costs
    • Energy-efficiency programs help lower energy use and bills
    • Service driven
    • Rebates available
    • Prepare for and respond to natural disasters
    • Renewable-energy projects
    • Transparent
    • Accountable


    What makes cooperatives better?

    Co-ops are driven by the members they serve, as opposed to profit, which means they operate differently at their core—and by design. As a result, they do more than just power your toaster and send a bill. Instead, your local cooperative:
    • Makes sure every member has a voice
    • Provides reliable electricity at the lowest possible cost
    • Gives money back to its members when revenues exceed costs
    • Helps members manage their energy use and lower their bill
    • Offers programs to save energy, save money and earn rebates
    • Assists members with renewable energy projects
    • Prepares for and responds to national disasters
    • Supports initiatives that improve community life

    What Our Members Say



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