In our neck of the woods, staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer makes up a considerable portion of a home’s energy use. Luckily for us, innovative, efficient solutions help us stay comfortable and are made more affordable with rebates.
    ashp_illus-1Air-Source Heat Pumps

    • Heat and cool in one unit.
    • Controlled by the thermostat.
    • Use 72% less electricity than conventional air conditioners and furnaces.
    • Have whisper-quiet pumps with no open flame.
    • Distribute warmth more evenly and hold moisture better.
    • Cool by pulling heat from indoor air and pumping it outside.
    • Heat by pulling warm air from outside and pumping it into your home.
    GSHP-1-1Ground-Source Heat Pumps

    • Provide both heating and cooling.
    • Are 300%-400% energy efficient.
    • Are safe, pollution-free and do not emit greenhouse gases.
    • Use the earth as a clean, unlimited resource.
    • Cools by transferring indoor heat underground and dispersing into the earth.
    • Heats by pulling warm air from underground into the home.
    ets_heater_illus-1Electric Thermal Storage
    Heating Systems
    • Set temperatures with an adjustable thermostat.
    • Have 100% efficient heat.
    • Are virtually maintenance free.
    • Provide reliable home heating for less.
    • Draw energy during off-peak hours while electricity is in lower demand and less expensive.



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